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About Us

Founded in 2016, the San Diego Cookbook Club's focus is a simple one—a group of friends all make recipes from the same book and gather to share the results, a crowdsourced feast. Whether you're an avid or aspiring cook, there's room for you at the table!


  1. Create a cohesive group of members who share a passion for food and cooking.

  2. Discover new recipes, chefs, foods, cultures, etc. through cookbooks. 

  3. Meet on a regular basis to share these experiences.

The Details

The SD Cookbook Club is a group of people who enjoy food, cooking, learning, and sharing based around a central topic. We meet once a month on Sunday afternoons, with club members hosting in their homes. To see photos from our gatherings, click here.


Members are responsible for obtaining the cookbooks for each month’s theme. Depending on the month, we may feature a specific cookbook, any cookbook by a particular author or source, or  cookbooks about a particular ethnic cuisine.  We encourage members to share among their personal collections and check out public library resources.  


Each member chooses the dishes they'll prepare for the gathering. A Google shared document is open to members to post what they plan to make to ensure a wide variety of offerings without duplication.  

The rules are simple: choose a recipe you haven't prepared before - that can be served at room temperature and is easy to transport; follow the recipe exactly as written (no need to multiply to feed the masses - we need just a taste); bring your own serving utensils (extra points for presentation!).


We'd like members to look for ways to challenge themselves (for example: to use a technique or ingredient that's new to them). Come to the gathering prepared to discuss why you chose the recipe, and share any comments regarding preparation, as well as your impressions of the book and/or author.

The monthly Host is responsible for providing a kitchen for the meeting and a signature beverage. 

We have a private Member Forum to discuss the current monthly theme, as well as any other food- and cooking-related subjects. We also host occasional pop-up events (more intimate gatherings with flexible themes), and an annual mixer including our partners.

Interested in joining us in our culinary adventures?  Fill out our prospective member questionnaire!

(June 2024 - we are currently at maximum capacity and have a wait list for new members)

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